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What Our Clients Say


Dr. Marcela Molina

Director, Tucson Girls Chorus

Our girls are on their way home and I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your and your team’s hard work during this tour.

During the process of preparation, I felt guided and assured and during the tour I felt taken care of. Bruno was the most beautiful asset and contributed for our overall well-being of all of us in more ways than one.

Eleonora and team were wonderful. They were joyful, excited, and just wonderful.  Our concerts were packed and our audiences so warm and welcoming. I appreciated you being there for the first leg of the trip and for your eagle eye for all things.

Thank you for providing an unforgettable experience for all of us. I can’t wait for us to work together again and hopefully grow our partnership in many other ways.


Kerra Simmons

Artistic Director, Singing Girls of Texas

“Also, so so so grateful to our tour company, Perform International, for making this dream come true AND for supporting us and fighting for us. Their team is the BEST. If you ever need a recommendation for domestic or abroad, please contact them. They care so much for you and your students and will do all they can to make it right.”


Dr. Amanda Quist

Director of Choral Activities, Frost School of Music at the University of Miami

"An amazing tour. Thank you Perform International for giving us such an unforgettable experience. Touring through England and France with Frost Chorale is everything I hoped it would be and of course, more. Our tour manager Patrick Dhyanand Fargier made it all happen- so grateful to him!"


Robyn Lana

Founder & Managing Artistic Director, Cincinnati Children's Choir

"It is always a joy and honor to collaborate with Perform International, the finest international tour company. They are masters at finding the balance between learning, performing, seeing, experiencing, and collaborating. Every international tour we have done with them has had healthy and abundantly appreciative audiences (if not standing room only), beautiful venues, and time performing with locals. You experience the country with great depth. You return a bit tired but not overly exhausted, and 100% fulfilled. PI, it was a great honor to lead the festival in Maynooth and Dublin. Thank you for your confidence in me and for your outstanding professionalism, even monitoring flight delays in case you were needed. You stand by your clinicians and your clients. Thank you from me and the Cincinnati Youth Choir."


Dr. Pearl Shangkuan

Director of Choral Activities, Calvin University, Grand Rapids, MI

"I kept hearing from my singers – how much they enjoyed singing to such a full and appreciative crowd. I could go on and on about the festival, just know it was an experience that I will cherish for a long time to come. PI’s commitment to and follow through in giving all participants a truly rich artistic experience makes it a company after my own heart!"


Dr. Shane Lynch

Director of Choral Studies, Washinton and Lee University

"I have led many international tours in the past, with varying levels of dissatisfaction with each tour. At the heart of my disappointment was the fact that on every previous tour, the performing time – the most important part of the tour for my choirs – always seemed like an afterthought… Not so with our tour with Perform International. This trip was far and away the best international tour I have taken as a conductor; from the venues to the enthusiastic audiences to the support personnel, PI did a fantastic job. I plan on using them for all of my international travel from now on."


Dr. R. Paul Crabb

Director of Choral Activities, University of Missouri

“You all did a very good job at integrating my requests, paying careful attention to the cost, and organizing a well-run tour. The hotels and meals provided were outstanding – among the better I’ve had in all my touring. I found the limited access to the coach absolutely no problem at all. Good choices on when we need a bus and when we can save some cost by using public transport. Also, I appreciate your consideration of my concert arrangements and letting this lower the overall cost.”


Dr. Anton Armstrong

Conductor, The St. Olaf Choir

"I am happy to endorse my colleague and friend Dr. Gene Peterson. I believe that he is a person of integrity and class. His alliance with Perform International will ensure a fine experience in performance and cultural exchange, connecting people to people through the universal language of music."


Kevin McBeth

Director of Music, Manchester United Methodist Church

"This was the best tour of this type I’ve encountered, and my singers were extremely impressed. All of the staff, managers, guides and driver were excellent, but I must give special recognition to Dr. Gene Peterson. Besides being a great friend, colleague and host, he represents the best of Perform International and I look forward to working with him again. Remarkable job well done by all!"


Joseph Martin


My "JOURNEYS WITH JOE" program had been sidelined by the pandemic and this inaugural re-launch of the program proved to be an outstanding experience. Working with PERFORM AMERICA we were able to develop safety protocols that helped keep risks minimal. Working closely with performance venues we were able to find a thoughtful balance that enabled many splendid moments. From museums to state parks, from delicious dining experiences to quiet times around the fireplace, we discovered that singing, sightseeing and safety were not mutually exclusive. We also discovered that audiences were eager for the return of "live” music. The responses to our performance were its own kind of music confirming the pure joy that comes from sharing our song. Through our moments together on this unforgettable trip we were all reminded of the power of music to build community.



Dr. Brad Holmes

Director of Choral Programs, Millikin University

"It was a fantastic tour; easily the best international trip I have taken through a company. Particularly gratifying was the final concert in Seville where the choir returned from dinner to see people standing in line waiting to enter the venue. You should extend our thanks and congratulations to the whole staff for a job well done. I’m impressed and you may count me a return customer."


Susan Duprey

Artisitc Director, Nā Pu'ukani (Kona and Windward Choral Societies)

"Dear Perform International, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an outstanding tour. Everything from the hotels, meals, concert venues, guest singers and instrumentalists to our tour guides was first class. Thank you! I was especially impressed by the musicianship of the guest singers and talent of the instrumentalists. They were a joy to work with and knew their music perfectly."


Dr. Jonathan Babcock

Associate Director of Choral Activities, Texas State University

"Perform International is a customer-focused organization that provides informed and responsible personnel to create a fantastic performance and exchange tour. Perform International went above and beyond our expectations in every aspect; accommodations, exchange opportunities and pre-concert publicity. Perform International provided us with a wonderful team of tour guides, drivers and coordinators. Their expertise and professionalism far exceeded our expectations."


Dr. Troy Robertson

Director of Choirs, Tarleton State University

"Perform International and their Managing Director, Zoe Franciscus, were able to craft a travel experience that met our needs, both philosophically and financially. Throughout the process of preparing for the trip, Perform International’s staff was accessible, prompt, and clear in their communications. They were responsive and courteous. Our accommodations in Japan were excellent, our guides friendly and organized, and the concerts were experiences my students will remember always. The staff at Perform International helped Tarleton tour Japan and helped make the trip one we will never forget."

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