About Instrumental Festivals

The best instrumental festivals balance the needs and character of the venue, artistic director, music and performers. Each Perform International Instrumental Festival is carefully crafted to be a unique performance and travel experience that will transform your musicians into poised and professional performers.

In addition to working with our exceptional conductors you will have the opportunity to perform in exquisite venues, collaborate with local musicians, and discover new cities and cultures. From our first call through to the final lingering note, we will expertly manage the details, allowing you to focus on bringing the best out of your musicians and simply enjoying the applause.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Ireland Performance Tour

March 11-18, 2024 | Dublin, Ireland

Bands play a very important part in the St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Dublin and throughout the St. Patrick’s Festival itself. Bands from Ireland and around the world have thrilled audiences with their musical mastery and flair down through the years and we want you to be part of the future celebrations. The parade is attended by the President of Ireland and Lord Mayor of Dublin. The marching route is approximately 1.7 miles long and takes about 90 minutes to complete the parade route. The parade consists of marching bands, theatrical presentations and ceremonial elements. The parade is attended by over half a million people and viewed by millions of people all over the world.

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Festival Orchestre Giovanilli – Florence Youth Festival

9 Days in July 2024 | Florence, Italy

The Florence Youth Festival (FOG) was founded in 1999 to give young musicians from all over the world the opportunity to be part of a unique musical experience in the beautiful regions of Tuscany and Umbria, Italy. The festival’s main venue is the Loggia dei Lanzi located on the Piazza della Signoria, one of the main squares in the city center of Florence. Additional performances take place in Lucca, San Gimignano, Montecatini-Terme, Prato, Perugia and Assisi. FOG is held during the month of July and consists of a total of 50-75 concerts performed by 15-20 orchestras. Each orchestra usually performs three to four concerts. Over 300 ensembles from all over the world have participated in the Florence Youth Festival. In addition to the concerts, educational activities such as workshops and master classes can also be added to the program.

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The Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival

July 4-10, 2024 | Vienna, Austria

The first Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival was hosted in July 2007. Already during its first year, it realized its two main objectives: to provide a unique platform for the world’s most talented youth choirs, bands and orchestras to perform in Vienna’s magnificent Musikverein and to set new standards in the festival arena. The SCL Festival has gained the broad support of the Austrian public and of many national and international decision makers in the field of politics and culture. Close ties have also been established to foreign embassies and international organization to make this a truly international event. Performing groups may compete with their peers in the “Summa Cum Laude Competition” or they may opt to participate in the non-competitive “Summa Cum Laude Celebration.”

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Mid Europe Schladming & SCL Festival for Marching and Wind Bands

July 7-16, 2024 | Schladming & Vienna, Austria

Mid Europe Schladming and the SCL Festival for Marching and Wind Bands offer ensembles an amazing opportunity to perform in front of appreciative audiences at Europe’s largest music festival for bands, parade in Europe’s City of Music and play in concert at one of the world’s great concert halls – the Konzerthaus in Vienna. This event is tailor-made for marching, concert and wind bands looking for a life-changing and immersive music experience and enjoy some of the most stunning scenery Europe has to offer.

Future Festival Dates: July 6-15, 2025 and July 12-21, 2026.

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