Who We Are

Music and travel are a powerful combination. That is why Perform International has curated a team with a passion and expertise in both. We desire to bring the transformative power of international travel and performance to your program and your ensemble.

We see every trip and festival as an opportunity to celebrate the unique character of each musician while building a sense of unity and belonging through the universal language of music.

We look forward to working alongside you to create a memorable, meaningful, and cost effective tour for your choir, band, or orchestra.

Artistic Team

Dr. Gene Peterson

Artistic Director of Choirs

Jerry F. Junkin

Artistic Director of Bands

Jeffrey Grogan

Artistic Director of Orchestras

Dr. Emily Williams Burch

Artistic Advisor

Craig G. Cannon

Artistic Advisor

Kenny Kabak

Artistic Advisor

Dr. Heather MacLaughlin Garbes

Artistic Advisor

Scott Revo

Artistic Advisor

Leadership Team

Paul Lam

Founder, Chairman & Senior Advisor

Roland Zuehlke

President & Co-Founder

Zoe Franciscus

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Dr. Gene Peterson

VP Artistic Development

Henry Ou

Managing Director & Founder

Antony Gullick

Managing Director, Perform International (Cuba)

Krista Montgomery

Tour Operations Manager

Partners & Affiliations