About Our Orchestra Trips

Our team will partner with you and your orchestra as we create an exceptional travel and performance experience. We manage each fine-tuned detail from the very initial stages of planning, through to the final performance and return flight home.

Our team’s unique background and focus enables us to create performance opportunities that are tailored to the character of your group. We can’t wait to explore the possible international destinations and venues that are awaiting your orchestra.

What You Can Expect

Our Artistic Director of Orchestras Jeffrey Grogan and travel coordinators will proactively work with you to make your trip a success by focusing on three phases: Development, Tour Implementation, and Concert Production.

In-depth conversations in the development phase ensure that the venues, performances, and travel plans will satisfy your artistic goals. During the tour implementation phase you can relax as we handle all logistics, registration, payment, and traveler communication. And throughout the entire process our concert production efforts will exceed your expectations, resulting in a performance that will forever change your musicians and your audience.

Custom Tours

Whether you have a special event in mind or have yet to select a destination, Perform International will help you create a bespoke performance tour and travel experience that will forever transform your musicians.

Instrumental Festivals

We produce instrumental festivals and events that bring the venue, guest conductor, ensemble and audience into well-balanced harmony. Our team’s meticulous attention to detail will allow you and your ensemble to fully focus on getting the most from your trip.

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