Milan, Cremona, Florence, Siena & Rome

Cremona & Violins
Of special interest to orchestras and string players is the Museo del Violino or Violin Museum. The museum was created and financed by Italian steel magnate Giovanni Arvedi and opened in September 2013. Arvedi’s desire was to create a place to show off Cremona’s musical history. For over 250 years Cremona has been a hub of musical excellence. It is the birthplace of one of the most famous violin makers in history, Antonio Stradivari, and is also known as the home of the modern violin.

The Violin Museum is housed in the historic Palazzo dell-Arte in the town center. Visitors to the museum can see many priceless violins, including a 1566 model designed by Andrea Amati who is credited as the inventor of the modern violin. Visitors can also see a 1727 Stradivarious known as “Vesuvius.” The museum also features interactive displays on the development of the violin, periodic recitals on instruments in the collection, a beautiful performance hall, and instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass) by winners of the Cremona Triennial International Violin Making Competition.

Also unique to Cremona and Perform International is the opportunity to visit a luthier (violin maker) in their shop and receive a first-hand perspective of the Cremonese school of violin making.

Orchestras to Cremona can schedule master classes and workshops with faculty and students at the Monteverdi School of Music. There are numerous performance venues in the city that are well suited for touring orchestras, including the Chiesa Santa Maria Maddalena, a historic church located beside the Monteverdi School of Music. Your group may also perform in Teatro San Domenico, Teatro Sociale or another similar venue.

Perform International invites you to bring your orchestra to Cremona, as well as Milan, Florence and Rome to experience the rich musical heritage and culture of Italy.